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Probably one of the most common complaints from patients who have gone through radiation treatment to the head and neck area is dry mouth (Xerostomia).  It is also a condition that may stay with the patient for the rest of their life and can dramatically affect their quality of life.

A brand new enzyme based product range to combat the symptoms of dry mouth is now available on prescription and can be bought over the counter across the UK.  The enzymes mimic the action of saliva so anyone with reduced salivary flow applying any of the Oralieve products will be naturally boosting the natural oral flora and helping to maintain a 'normal' mouth.

The mouth moisturising gel is called Oralieve.

Oralieve is just about to release a mild mint toothpaste which is SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) free and is a smooth paste that contains 1450ppm fluoride.  The toothpaste will also be available on prescription and available from pharmacies.

The moisturising gel will provide instant relief for dry mouth and will last for many hours enabling the user to have uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.  Furthermore, Oralieve helps combat bad breath, burning and soreness in the mouth and appears to keep oral thrush at bay.

TIP:  If you frequently suffer with an oral health problem like ulcers, cold sores or oral thrush, once the condition has cleared up throw away your toothbrush.  This can be the direct cause of reinfection.

TIP: If you struggle with dry or cracked lips DO NOT USE an oil based product like yellow paraffin, petroleum jelly or Vaseline.  These type of products just act as a barrier so protect the lips, but they do not absorb into the lips or corners of the mouth, whereas Oralieve gel will moisten the lips, absorb and clear up the problem of dry cracked lips.

TIP: Many women with dry lips cannot wear lipstick, so why not take a small amount of your favourite lipstick, melt it in a microwave and then mix it with some Oralieve gel.  This can then be applied as required and you'll have lovely looking colourful lips.

The whole range is now available to sample to anyone associated with Let's Face It.   To try all or any of the products free of charge please contact:

 Fiona Ritchie on 07778 523761 or fiona@inspirationpharma.com