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Ellen                                  Lucy (Mum)

Ellen lives in Germany and is a member of Let's Face It.  Lucy, her mum is wonderful and helps Ellen to live her life to the full regardless of her facial problems. Ellen has just had another facial operation in London and has, yet again, come away from it smiling. Well done Ellen! 


I never tire of listening to Christine when she speaks about her life experience – especially to other people who are empathetic. So it was with a light heart and smile that I accompanied Christine to a wonderful patient support group in South Yorkshire. 

Juliet Swain from Barnsley Hospital was actually responsible for inviting Christine to talk to the North Trent Cancer Network group. One such member was John Parr who made himself indispensable by inadvertently becoming the official tea maker; and what great tea it was too… but he has learnt never to sit so close to the kettle for future meetings. 

Hearing Christine speak about how she battled with the news that her cancer had recurred and what it would mean, not just to her, but to her family too, brought many a tear to the eye. Her feeling of isolation and not having anyone to talk to about her experience was deeply poignant. It always surprises me to hear her say that losing her teeth was worse than being told she had cancer. The upside of course is Christine could then go on to pick her own pearly whites - although she did say that her dentist said she had ‘naturally yellow’ teeth…..charming. 

Let’s face it, the patients are the experts and as Christine so rightly pointed out the best therapy is to write your feelings and experiences down and then to share them with people. And as I sat there watching her entrance the audience, I marvelled at her enchantment, wisdom, kindness, responsiveness, compassion and charm as Christine concluded that when she had found a way to bottle all this information she would become a millionaire. 

And it was all going so well. 

The patients could have listened to Christine all day and they were really sad to see her leave. A firm testament to how much she brings to people’s lives and what a difference one afternoon can make to building a stronger and more positive future. 

By a friend and working colleague – Fiona Ritchie

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