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Junior LFI

It is time Children stood up and were listened to. 

To this end we have put together a book called "Children's Faces".

The book was compiled because no one listens to them.  They never have the opportunity to say how they feel about themselves.

We adults don't ask, we assume.  Take for granted.  Our children hide their pain, are never given the opportunity to share it.  They lock it away and carry the scars with them to adulthood.


Sarah's Story

For baby Jessica Luby From Big Sister Sarah, copied with love from...

Junior Let's Face It.

There was joy and excitement as little

Jessica Elizabeth Luby was born at 5.57am, and she weighed 8lb. 7ounces on Sunday 7 February 1993.

The Next day she was home, but... something was wrong with her nose, it looked bent, sort of broken. WHY!  The question was answered six weeks later.  On Jessica's nose appeared an  haemangioma.

Our doctor was very concerned.  He sent us to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital so they could find out what was wrong.  Later we were told it was a cavernous haemangioma (a form of birth mark).  The hospital said they did not want to operate until Jessica was seven or eight years old, hopefully it won't be too major then (it could even go when she is five or six years old).

On the fifth of November, the day before my sister Rachel's birthday around 8.45pm. Little Jessica's nose burst.  She seemed so happy at first, smiling as the blood streamed down her face.  When we noticed we did not know what to do and were not prepared

for this to happen!  My mum held Jessica in her arms, with one hand holding the cloth onto Jessica's nose, while my dad phoned 999.  An ambulance arrived in 15 minutes, but it seemed like hours... Jessica stayed


Ellen, 12 years old and a member of Junior LFI since birth. Ellen lives in Germany


over night in hospital with my mum at her side.  My dad stayed at the hospital til' late, but returned home that evening.  Jessica came home late afternoon/early evening the next day, to celebrate my other sister's birthday.

When we show Jessica her 'heamy' in the mirror, (we call her cavernous haemangioma 'heamy' for short) she laughs and prods it.  'Heamy' has become a special little friend.  As Jessica gets older the more people stare and make rude remarks.  Luckily little Jessica does not yet understand the rudeness and wickedness of some people.

Jessica is very well known at junior school because of me, Sarah, at the infants school because of Rachel, and at the nursery school because of our brother Patrick!  We now have had another opinion from another doctor from St Thomas's hospital.  He said the older Jessica gets the worse the operation will be.  He wants to operate on her now.  This has put my mum and dad in a difficult position.

We are not getting another opinion from the new King George Hospital.  Jessica is full of lovely smiles and has got bright big eyes that show up.  Jessica is loved by everyone!  Her name means a gift, and she certainly is...

by Sarah Lauren Luby