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Welcome to the home page of   Let's Face It, the international support network for people with facial disfigurement, their families, friends and professionals.

Common causes of facial disfigurement include automobile accidents, burns, cancer and birth defects.  Regardless of why a face is disfigured,   the pain and distress caused to the person concerned and the disturbing effect on their family are incalculable...

The aims of the organisation are:

To offer friendship on a one to one basis

To link families, friends and professionals

To assist people with facial disfigurement to share their experiences, struggles and hopes

To help them build the courage to face life again

To provide continuing education to medical, nursing, allied health professionals concerning the lifelong needs of people with facial disfigurement.

Linking people with facial disfigurement, their families, friends and professionals with resources for recovery.

Let's Face It is a registered charity no. 1043461


You are not alone... with the fears and worries, regardless of why or how a face is disfigured.  We understand for we have been 'there' and we survived!  No problem is too big or too small.

Christine Piff is the founder of Let's Face It; she suffered a facial cancer in 1977 resulting in the loss of half her face, including the left eye.  Christine founded the network in 1984 having experienced the loneliness and despair that living with a 'changed' face brings.

Let's Face It produces a regularly published newsletter which is sent to all members of the network.  It contains updates on current medical approaches and advances from doctors and technicians, news from the regions, reports of meetings, anecdotes and items from individual members, recipes and tips and much more...  Subscription prices are available on request, contact us for more details.


We do not pass on any personal details to other organisations..

Any personal information about you is covered by the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be kept in confidence in accordance with the 1998 Act.